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Here at Hey we like using the internet to make life better.

We do different things online to achieve our goals

Hey is a privately held company that creates and develops internet properties for clients and its own goals. Stuff we do includes:

  • … building useful services and fun sites that help users interact, share information and hopefully smile.
  • … it is our strong belief a cracking domain name can enhance a company not just by reputation and being memorable but also by driving targeted traffic to a website, so we buy them, and help others get the names they need.
  • … we bridge the Suit/Geek Gap. We know about business and we know about computer science. We are able to help you make sure your techies are doing the right thing by talking to them in a language they understand for the benefit of your bottom line.

We dont just talk a good game we actually do it, mainly for ourselves, but if the project is a right fit we can do it for you too.

Internet Development is what we do. We create, play, break and fix things until it works.

It is no longer about ‘web design’, it is about how people find internet properties, how they use them and creating genuinely useful engagement.

Internet Marketing Guru’s will tell you to count clicks, gain followers and chase Likes while baffling with buzzwords. A whizzbang site may look great, but will it convert?

Whether you start with a simple solution or a comprehensive interactive website, when planning your online presence we will always look to the future, but develop with an awareness of the reality of what actually works.

Our main development work is for our own internet properties however on occasion we do take on clients to help and achieve their goals. If you have an interesting project, get in touch!

How many ways is a poor domain name affecting you?

Finding the right domain name is a crucial part of your internet presence. Protecting that domain name after registration or acquisition is even more important.

We hunt, suggest and acquire domains for clients and ourselves.

We offer “best practice” domain registration and renewal management services to all our clients. This means that we take care and pay attention to the management of our customers’ domains, ensuring they are correctly configured, billed for and renewed.

We have several specialist domain connections as well as in-depth .UK knowledge and experience.

Is a domain name you want currently registered by someone else?

We offer a tried and tested method of acquiring domain names, starting with an initial evaluation of the likelihood of success (dependant on the domain and budgets involved) as there is no point in wasting time.

We work on a flexible price structure, but an example would be the following:
– £250 for initial consultancy, feasibility study, contact research and opening approach; and
– 15% of end price paid for the domain name.

We are able to handle all aspects of the transaction and transfer from fees to form filling.

Please contact us with further information on the domain name you would like us to try and acquire for you.

Do you have a domain name you want to sell?

Often domain owners have been wrongly advised of the true value of their domain name and as a result they sell their name too cheap, or are unable to sell at all due to the crazy price.

We offer a valuation service that allows you to benefit from our knowledge of the domain name markets, and achieve as accurate as possible appraisals of your domain names.

We request domain names we are selling to be pointed to a specially created page at to ensure prospective purchasers are confident we are legitimate sellers. Due to the often anonymous nature of the internet, small touches can make the difference in a sale.

Guide fees for domain name brokering are:
– Submission of Domain Name :£150 + vat
– Sale or Acquisition of Domain Name: 15% of transaction value + VAT

Once we accept the submission of a domain name and agree a ballpark sale target price we will issue and invoice for the submission fee and then commence our work.

If you have read this far you should probably give us a shout!

Interested in any of our products and services? Want to just say Hey! to us? Please fill in the form below and click on send.

If you want a reply please ensure you provide valid contact information and a full description of your query. We can not reply if your contact information is not correct.

If you have contacted us before and not had a reply, please ensure your email address is correct as we do try to reply to everyone!


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