Here at Ltd, we like to create things that do jobs and enable people to do stuff. We recognise that every person and every job is different, and thus we create solutions that are flexible and usable by all.

We achieve this by adhering as far as possible to standards and best practice, and by this we mean we are practical rather than purist. We will not break your website in Internet Explorer just to ensure 100% HTML validity, however we will work towards being as fully valid as is practical. is created with raw HTML (HyperTextMarkupLanguage) and made beautiful with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This approach means the content is separated from the design, allowing different display versions of the site to be created by changing the CSS file.

There are three CSS ‘versions’ of the website with different target audiences:

* Full Flavour – Hot pink with nice graphic rollovers and random pictures for your viewing pleasure in the top right corner.
* High Contrast – A large high contrast version for those who have less than twenty-twenty vision.
* PDA/Handheld – A version for those who use smaller devices to view our site.

The HTML itself is created in a structured and sensible manner so that if the site is viewed via a text-only browser (eg. Lynx) the site and navigation is displayed in a clear way.

The Hey site uses a backstage CMS (Content Management System) which allows us to add, edit and delete content via a web browser without having to create full pages.

Accessibility on the Web
Since 1999 the law in the UK has stated that it is illegal not to provide disabled users access to services in an equal manner. The Disability Rights Commission is expected to launch test cases against UK websites to enforce the law and raise awareness of the lack of accessibility on the web. Ltd works inside the Web Standards Commission’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), plus is aware of other aspects of accessibility (eg. colour blindness) that are not always considered online.

Browser Testing
The website has been tested in:

* Internet Explorer (7.0)
* Netscape Navigator
* Opera
* Safari
* konqueror
* FireFox (1.5)