Our Abuse Policy
Hey.co.uk Ltd allows open use of its services while assuming that our clients will be aware of ‘netiquette’ and good practice. This document outlines what we consider to be an abuse of our systems and services.

We require all clients to use Hey.co.uk Ltd’s services in a manner that will not bring disrepute to Hey.co.uk Ltd, thus activities such as spamming are strictly prohibited.

In the event of a breach of this abuse policy, Hey.co.uk Ltd reserve the right to terminate any and all of your services with immediate effect, without recompense. This may involve the deletion of any files held on our servers, and the cancellation / suspension of domains.

* Clients will be fully responsible for the content of their web hosting accounts, and this includes being legally responsible for the images and text held on their sites. Clients will also ensure they do not breach UK law.
* Users may not download, store or distribute illegal copies of commercial software. If commercial software is stored on our hard disk, we will delete the files and immediately terminate your service without recompense. Distribution also covers peer to peer, linking to, and providing information on how to gain illegal software.
* Any attempt to breach the security of any machine is forbidden. Attempting to do so will result in immediate account termination and possible further legal action.
* Clients may not run unauthorised mailing lists via any of our machines or mail servers.

By using Hey.co.uk Ltd’s services the client will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to our terms and policies.