Do you have a domain name you want to sell?

Often domain owners have been wrongly advised of the true value of their domain name and as a result they sell their name too cheap, or are unable to sell at all due to the crazy price.

We offer a valuation service that allows you to benefit from our knowledge of the domain name markets, and achieve as accurate as possible appraisals of your domain names.

We request domain names we are selling to be pointed to a specially created page at to ensure prospective purchasers are confident we are legitimate sellers. Due to the often anonymous nature of the internet, small touches can make the difference in a sale.

Guide fees for domain name brokering are:
– Submission of Domain Name :£150 + vat
– Sale or Acquisition of Domain Name: 15% of transaction value + VAT

Once we accept the submission of a domain name and agree a ballpark sale target price we will issue and invoice for the submission fee and then commence our work.