Hey.co.uk Ltd Drop Catching via DAC:

The Domain Availability Checker (DAC) is a service aimed at ‘domainers’, ‘dropcatchers’, or individuals or companies who wish to reclaim a domain name or register an expiring domain name as an extension of their own private domain reclamation activities.

Nominet release domain names on a first-come first-serve basis, but allow Members who have an IPS-TAG access to a very fast checking system, which gives them a distinct advantage. Hey.co.uk Ltd is an IPS- TAG holder and a Nominet Member, and has a system setup that checks if a domain is free. When it spots the specific domain as unregistered, the system sends off a domain registration request in under 0.1 of a second. To increase our clients’ chances of a successful registration, Hey.co.uk Ltd is able to ‘book’ the domain-catching request with some of our other contacts in the .uk domain industry at a significant discount on your behalf – this ensures you have the greatest chance of recovering your domain name.

Depending on the domain name we charge between £50 and £2500 (+vat). The difference in pricing is primarily due to the large amount of interest on certain names. For example, a domain such as joebloggsandsoncleaners.co.uk is less desirable than a name such as hey.co.uk and desirability greatly affects the number of interested parties seeking to register the name. Likewise the costs of third-party domain-catching systems can vary.

A very small sample of successfully ‘caught’ domain names include: Coke.co.uk Brightview.co.uk iic.co.uk Brunswick.co.uk Unity.co.uk

Accepted Domain Application

Two-year registration fees are included in the catching fee, likewise free IPS-TAG and DNS transfer.

For further information or to book a name please use the ‘contact’ link on the top bar.