!! UPDATED April 2009 – New Nominet Transfer Rules in force !!

.uk domain names can now be transfered using Nominet’s online systems. Please visit the Nominet site here for further information.

This page outlines the steps needed to transfer a .UK domain name (eg. .CO.UK or .ORG.UK domain name) to another person or company.

To transfer .uk domain names a manual form is required to be signed and filled in by both parties and submitted (along with confirmation letters) to Nominet. Nominet is the internet registry for .UK and maintains the database, much like the DVLA maintains the numberplate and licence records for cars.

If you are the current domain name registrant (the seller) these are the steps you need to complete in order to transfer the ownership of the domain name:

* Step 1 Visit and read the Nominet ‘transfer domain’ page and the information page about the transfer form.
* Step 2 Download the Domain Name Transfer form, this is a PDF document and requires Adobe Acrobat reader to view.
* Step 3 Print off the transfer form (5 pages) and fill out pages one two and three. Page one confirms the current registration information, and page two confirms registrant type (ie. Individual or company) and page three contains the agreement to transfer.
* Step 4 Create a confirmation letter ideally on your business or personal letter-head paper agreeing to the transfer of the domain name, ensure this is signed and dated.
* Step 5 Post, Fax or Email (scanned copies) the transfer form (with pages one,two and three completed) along with your confirmation letter to the new registrant NOT Nominet.

If you are the proposed new registrant (the buyer) you ought to receive the above transfer form with pages one, two and three completed and a signed confirmation letter. If these are in order you need to:

* Step 1 Fill out the remaining pages of the Nominet Transfer Form (from ‘new registrant section’ onwards) with the registrant information you wish the domain to be registered under and new Registrar if you know it.
* Step 2 Create a confirmation letter ideally on your business or personal letter-head paper agreeing to the transfer of the domain name, ensure this is signed and dated.
* Step 3 Fill out the remittance advice form and follow the instructions on payment to Nominet of the transfer fee (usually £11.75) either by Credit Card or Cheque.
* Step 4 Post or Fax all the above documentation to Nominet.

Nominet then process the transfer request conducting checks on if the rightful owner is requesting the transfer, and if everything is in order will process and action the transfer.

Further transfer notes:

– Often the seller agrees to cover the domain transfer fee thus the buyer ought to receive the remittance page already filled in and with a cheque where applicable.

– Nominet will request identification from the current domain registrant during the processing of the transfer documents. This can either be posted / faxed / emailed to Nominet, or posted to the buyer along with the transfer forms.

– Nominet ask in Section 5 for your existing account, if you have a .uk domain name place it in the box and your information will be merged. If you do not have an existing name, or wish to create a new account leave it blank.

Technical Transfer

The above covers the legal ownership transfer of the domain name, however to enable technical control (so the domain name can be used for website or email services) the following has to be completed:

– An ‘IPS-TAG’ change needs to occur, this is also known as a ‘TAG transfer’ or more recently ‘changing registrar’. Usually requesting the current registrar to update the IPS-TAG to the required new Tag is often enough if this is done before transfer forms are submitted, however if they do not comply or wish to charge a ‘release fee’ it can be useful to go direct to Nominet where they will conduct a transfer for under £15 .

– Transfer form based TAG change , in Section 9 of the updated (July 2007 onwards) transfer form a new IPS-TAG can be stated and Nominet will change the tag along with the registrant information in one go.

– Changing DNS servers will keep the domain name on the current IPS-TAG yet allow the domain name to ‘point’ to a different internet service provider. If you just edit the DNS servers it is likely that the domain renewal payment will be separate from your hosting bills.

For further information on domain name transfers please contact us.