Domain Appraisal and Portfolio Valuation
The team behind Limited has several years experience in handling domain name purchases and sales at a range of values. We are active in the domain name markets and as a result have a great grasp of current prices that domains are being sold (publicly and privately) for.

Our method is based on analysis of the domain name itself, keyword value, potential users, previous sales data, third party inputs and perhaps the most important – our educated opinion!

We offer two domain name valuation services; single domain valuation and portfolio valuations.

Single Domain Valuation

For a single fee we produce a valuation for your domain name, this reflects our opinion on how much the domain name (and associated website if required) is worth in the current market.

Portfolio Valuation
There is an increasing need for domain name portfolio owners to have a reliable valuation of their domains, usually for accounting purposes or potential sales. We provide a domain portfolio owner with guide prices for large lists of names (minimum list is 10) with an estimate total value range.

With both services we can accommodate generic words and terms, short rare names and traffic related domains. Limited’s domain valuation service is our independent opinion of value and has no association with other domain valuation services, brokering services, parking companies or associated companies.

For further information on the above services please contact us.