Hey.co.uk Ltd can handle all aspects of a domain name sale, from identifying and approaching a buyer to filling out paperwork and co-ordinating a transfer.

To do this we offer a domain name brokering service; however before we can approach prospective buyers we require information on the domain name in question. To collect this information we have created a small questionnaire which covers the main areas of information we require.

We advise you contact us regarding brokerage and either provide the following information, or begin collecting the required information for future submission.


Our fees for domain name brokering are:
– Submission of Domain Name :£150 + vat
– Sale or Acquisition of Domain Name: 15% of transaction value + vat

Once we accept the submission of a domain name and agree a ballpark sale target price we will issue and invoice for the submission fee and then commence our work.

Information ‘Questionnaire’

  • What is the Domain Name?
  • What is the Domain Name Registrar?
  • What is the Registrant’s Name?
  • If different, who owns the Domain Name?
  • Are you based in the European Union?
  • Are you VAT registered (if in the UK)?
  • What is your Name?
  • What is your Address?
  • What is your Telephone Number?
  • How did you acquire the Domain Name? (eg. Dropcatch, Purchase from third party, Fresh registration)
  • Date of your first ownership of the Domain Name?
  • Current use of the Domain Name?
  • State any previous uses of the Domain Name
  • Last three months unique visitor numbers? (This is unique visits, not ‘hits’!)
  • If the domain name was parked please provide keyword used and percentage click rate.
  • If you have full earnings information please attach it when emailing these answers to us.
  • Has the domain name had previous offers made, if so how much and by whom?
  • Have you received any complaints (official or unofficial) regarding this domain? If so please give full further information.
  • Has this domain name been used in a potentially abusive or problematic manner?
  • What value do you place on the domain name?
  • Why do you believe this is a correct value for the domain name?

Frequently Asked Questions – Domain Brokering

Why do I have to point my domain name to Hey.co.uk Ltd?

We request domain names we are selling to be pointed to a specially created page at Hey.co.uk to ensure prospective purchasers are confident we are legitimate sellers. Due to the often anonymous nature of the internet, small touches can make the difference in a sale.

Why does Hey.co.uk Ltd request six months exclusivity in offering my domain for sale?

Often the sale process requires many layers of a company to sign off on an acquisition – especially when dealing with the higher value domain names. Likewise after the inital groundwork, feedback may occur a few months further down the track.

Why is there an upfront fee to have Hey.co.uk Ltd broker my name?

We require a fee to cover initial costs incurred in promotion. The fee also acts as a filtering method to ensure we dedicate our time to top quality names and thus are able to maintain our high caliber service to domainers and end-users alike.

We advise you contact us regarding brokerage and either provide the above information, or begin collecting the required information for future submission.

If you are interested in purchasing a domain name that is already registered, please look at our domain acquisition service.