Hey.co.uk Ltd has a domain monitoring service that allows an extra layer of protection for your domain name. It is common to have a domain name that has either cost several thousand pounds to acquire, or has been used by a company for many years. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for domains to expire unnecessarily, or for the editing of a domain to become impossible due to the original owner going awol.

Our monitoring service allows a range of protection and has an advanced automated system that can page technical staff or a nominated contact if any changes are spotted to the domain name. We offer a two level service:

Monitor - You domain name is added to our monitoring service which checks aspects of a domain name record and associated services, and if any changes take place an email and (where needed) a text message is sent notifying that changes have been made. This service is £50pa.

MonitorPlus - As well as the domain name being added to our advanced monitoring system, the domain is subject to an initial assessment by Hey.co.uk Ltd to ensure all services, ownership and technical setups are correct and operating at “best practice”. The domain is periodically reviewed and our clients are informed of any potential problems.

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