Domainer Survey 2007
As part of our ongoing quest to find out everything there is to know about domains, the industry and the people in it we thought it was about time there was a proper survey on the subject.

The results, complied with our own research and private questionaires of some leading domainers will be compiled into an indepth report.

Our main area of expertise is the .UK market, however as domaining is a global industry this survey is open to all and we actively encourage as much participation as possible from both individuals and companies involved in domaning.

The findings of the survey will be free for all participants who place their email in the survey , and one lucky survey participant will win one of a selection of prizes courtesy of ourselves here at Ltd either; a brand new 8 Gig Apple iPod Touch or, two full vbulletin licenses or a £150 / $300 USD Amazon Gift Voucher.

Apple Touch Picture

Ipod touch is a Revolutionary multi-touch interface, 3.5-inch widescreen color display,Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Safari, YouTube, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store 8mm thin all in all quite a funky gadget.

Some important information regarding the survey:

The survey is being run by Limited, a UK based company.
We are doing this research to further understanding of the domaining industry.
The survey is four pages in length.
The survey is mainly radio / check boxes, with the odd text box entry.
The survey is confidential, and all analyses carried out will be non-disclosive.
All personally identifiable data will be destroyed after analysis is complete and the ‘prize’ winner drawn.
The prize winner’s name is the only one that will be made public.
The survey relies on honesty and participation for accuracy of answers.
You get a warm fuzzy feeling after finishing it*

Any questions before starting the survey? please do not hesitate to contact us !

If you have about five minutes free and are ready, then please click start below:

Survey Closed

* Ok, this is one we cannot guarantee!